Ending Violence Against Women and Girls


Women in Politics Event: how do we get more equal representation?

Venue: Hypatia Trust, Penzance

So often, and particularly in adversity you see women rising up and actively ‘doing’ something about a particular problem or issue. During the pandemic it was noticeable, women stepping forward setting up online mutual support groups; whats app groups to ‘check up on neighbours’ when we couldn’t see anyone. Women came together to protest in the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s brutal murder and women have played parts in many movements for peace for instance the Black Sash movement in South Africa, the Women in Black International Network, Woman Life Freedom movement in Iran and Women wage Peace. Women often set up community support groups, start up local food banks/ pantries etc. Statistically women make up nearly 70% of employees in the UK’s charity sector, contributing £19bn to the economy in 2019 yet only 1 in 3 of the biggest UK charities has a female CEO, and men outnumber women on boards 2:1 (finds a new Pro Bono Economics report from August of this year).

So what is holding women back from stepping into decision making roles? It is clear that women care deeply about issues and that women are often holding key roles in their communities? What is stopping the ‘stretch’ over to becoming representatives of the community on council’s and in government? Join Thalia Marrington (piano teacher turned Councillor and parliamentary candidate) and Emma-Leigh Stubbins (Founder of the Mutual Aid Covid 19 facebook page that kept thousands of people connected and informed during the pandemic) and guests to discuss this issue.

Whatever you call yourself, interested bystander, community activist, wannabee prime minister come and find out more and feed into the debate and discussion!

Note this is not a ‘party’ political session but is about inspiring and engaging women and supporting and furthering aspirations.

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