Ending Violence Against Women and Girls


Thalia Marrington, Cornwall Council and Penzance Town Council councillor and key organiser of 16 Days Penzance, speaks on the importance of campaigning and raising awareness of violence against women and girls.

Mayors from across Cornwall speak out on violence against women and girls as part of 16 days of activism.

Kirstie Edwards, Mayor of Falmouth

Stephen Reynolds, Mayor of Penzance

Sue James, Mayor of St Just

Zoe Fox, Mayor of Camborne

We're taught to believe that hard work and dedication will lead to success, but that's not always the case. Gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation are among the many factors that affect our chances, says writer and advocate Melinda Epler, and it's up to each of us to be allies for those who face discrimination. In this actionable talk, Epler shares three ways to support people who are underrepresented in the workplace. "There's no magic wand for correcting diversity and inclusion," she says. "Change happens one person at a time, one act at a time, one word at a time."

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a global pandemic that threatens their health. Yet health systems worldwide often do not recognize VAWG as a health problem nor commit to their critically needed role to address it. We need rapid transformation.

Having spent the past three years working intimately with male athletes, Alexis Jones is redefining “manhood” one locker room at a time. After growing up a Texas tomboy with four older brothers and working in “the lion’s den of dudes” at Fox Sports and ESPN, Alexis takes an inspiring, hysterical and at times inappropriate approach to empowering young men to better respect and protect the girls and women in their lives with her exclusive locker room curriculum, ProtectHer.

Hidden in Plain Sight was created using genuine experiences and testimonies of survivors and focuses on the coercive control tactics and behaviours. By telling personal stories, the animation aims to engage the viewers to understand that coercive control is a pattern of behaviour that happens over time, has long-term consequences and distorts reality for the victims. The animation is meant to be used as a training tool, to explore - controlling behaviour and tactics - the impact and consequences on women, children and young people - challenges in seeking help - challenges in identifying perpetrator's behaviour.

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